Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona

Experience a day above the clouds on top of Barcelona's holy mountain.

Enjoy a day away from Barcelona on this trip to a magical place nestled on a mountain top, above the clouds! Montserrat is truly a place where a myth comes to life right in front of you.


Round-trip transportation is included and while we recommend to go hiking, it's completely up to you how you will spend your spare time.

4 h
max 12
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We will depart from Barcelona, leaving the traffic behind us. What awaits us is a place of mystery and magic above the clouds, with stunning scenery and nature. The name Montserrat means "serrated mountain," which explains the particular shape of the rock formation providing the many peaks and vantage points with that stunning views we will witness. Most famously, the mountain is home to the monastery dedicated to Our Lady of Montserrat, the favorite saint of the region. This half-day tour includes:

 - Shared transportation by air-conditioned bus

 - Professional English-speaking guide
 - Spare time to explore the area
 - Montserrat National Park and Sanctuary visit

Scenic Ride

While you're enjoying the comfortable ride, your guide will start telling the sorty of this magical place in the clouds ahead of you. Montserrat has been considered a place of high sporitual importance by the locals for many centuries. As you hear more about it, we will be heading higher above and further away from Barcelona and the sea, providing you with stunning view from the window of your bus. Before you know it, we will arrive to our destination.

Place Above the clouds

As soon as you arrive, you will feel the magic in the air surrounding this wonderful spot. Your guide will walk over with you to the monastery, explaining the history of the shrine. Your guide will also tell you where to go for a hike, where to find the best views and which local products to look for at the market. 

Sanctuary of our Lady of Montserrat

Your first stop will be a visit to the 11th-century monastery dedicated to Our Lady of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia. The monastery features a statue of the Virgin Mary which, according to legend, surfaced nearby during the 9th century. Some accounts claim that the statue may even be older. The locals refer to it as the Moreneta or the "little dark one." 

Hike to the top

After your visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat, you'll have two hours of free time to explore the area before reuniting with the group and your guide and returning to Barcelona. We recommend hiking over to Creus de Sant Miquel for a fantastic view of the monastery and the surrounding area. If you're not much into hiking but wish to enjoy the spectacular views, you can board a funicular that will bring you to the top of Sant Joan Hill overlooking Montserrat for only a couple of euros. 

Local Market

Montserrat is home to a splendid market that sells delicious local produce every day, so make sure to explore this local gem after your hike! Your guide will let you know what the typical delicacies of the area are. You will have the chance to purchase local cheeses, cured meats, pastries and more. Enjoy it there or bring some home with you!
On the way back to Barcelona you will have another chance to witness the stunning scenery as we descend from the mountain down towards the city. Your guide and driver will drop the group off at the same place you met. That way it will be easy to find your way back to your accommodations. Before departing, please don't hesitate to ask your guide for any tips and advice on other things to do.