Royal Louvre Palace Tour with Mona Lisa & Crown Jewels

Skip the infamously long lines and make the most of your time at the world's largest museum

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Enjoy the Louvre at its least crowded time with early morning access and let your storytelling guide whisk you away in the palace's charming history

Tour Details
  • I.M. Pei's Modern Louvre Pyramid in Cour Napoléon!
  • Skip the Line Entrance
  • History Beneath the Louvre
  • Passionate Local Guides
  • Sleeping Hermaphoditus
  • Venus de Milo
  • The Coronation of Napoleon
  • Liberty Leading the People
  • The Main Event: The Mona Lisa
  • Relax in the Gardens

We understand how intimidating it can be to plan a trip to Paris, let alone a visit to the Louvre, which is why we offer one of the best Louvre tours in Paris. With exclusive skip the line tickets and a passionate art-loving guide to lead your small group through one of the most impressive museums in Paris, you are sure to make the most out of your Louvre visit. Our professional guides are true experts who will bring the museum to life with detailed stories about the artwork inside. This 3-hour tour includes:

  • Skip the line entrance ticket to the Louvre
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Maximum group size of 15

Skip the Line Louvre Tickets

This special skip the line experience lets you breeze past the thousands of people waiting in line to see the museum daily. Once inside, you’ll begin your tour of the Louvre, stopping at all the best masterpieces and seeing them first hand for yourself. You will also have a headset with you so you can hear your guide's insight clearly throughout the museum.

The Mystery of Mona Lisa’s Smile

Why is the Mona Lisa so famous? Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lisa Gherardini, titled Mona Lisa, is one of the best-known works of art in existence. Despite the painting’s fame, the facial expression of the subject has been endlessly debated - is Mona Lisa happy or sad? 

The painting holds the Guinness World Record for the highest insurance policy - approximately $800,000,000, to be exact. Yet, very few people really know anything about the acclaimed painting, its story and the mystery surrounding the woman depicted. Your professional guide can’t wait to share the stories behind it.

Raphael & Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a true genius and one of the most influential artists who ever lived. Leaving a prominent legacy in the realms of both art and science, Leonardo was a master at each discipline. The Mona Lisa is not Leonardo’s only work of art inside the Louvre, and your tour guide will show you more of Da Vinci’s works, part of the Louvre’s Italian Renaissance collection. 

Besides Leonardo da Vinci, the Louvre also contains works by Renaissance artist Botticelli, master of the 16th Century Venetian school Titian and the grand-scale artist Veronese. Raphael also has work featured throughout the Louvre, one being the famous Saint George painting depicting Saint George on a beautiful horse. 

Jacques-Louis David - Napoleon’s Personal Painter

Although the Louvre is filled with many Italian Renaissance pieces, you'll also see French masterpieces. After all, you are in France! The Louvre offers opportunities to visit works by Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon's personal painter, and Eugène Delacroix. Some of the paintings in the Louvre measure 20 feet tall! The words ‘impressive’ and ‘exquisite’ don’t even do these works of art justice.

Sculptures of the Louvre

The Louvre is not only filled with paintings, it also features many iconic sculptures. Of all the works in the Louvre, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo are some of the most admired. The life-size sculpture of the mythological Sleeping Hermaphroditus carved by Bernini is an amazing piece of work worth admiration. These incredible ancient sculptures only represent a fraction of the Louvre's Greek and Roman antiquities. 

The Crown Jewels of France

Did you know that the Louvre is a former royal palace? With such a strong association to royalty, a visit to the Louvre is incomplete without seeing the Crown Jewels of France. The surviving French Crown Jewels are on display in the Louvre’s Galerie d'Apollon. Get up close and personal to the precious jewels worn by the kings and queens of France. 

It was a tradition to have a new crown created for each coronation in France. It is easy to imagine the extravagance of the crowns created throughout history for each new King and Queen. Your guide will knowledgeably walk you through the history of the royal family in France and their most prized possessions. 

Paris Tips and Tricks

When you finish your tour, feel free to explore the museum on your own. Don’t forget to ask your guide where the best restaurants in Paris near the Louvre are. We want you to enjoy a fulfilling and relaxing vacation in Paris, filled with amazing French culture, art, food and wine.


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Well worth the price of the tour!

By chance, we were the only ones on the tour and we had a fantastic time focusing on what we wanted to see and Avi's favorite art works. He has a delightful sense of humor and engaged my husband in the architecture and the paintings and sculptures that we saw. As a professor of art history, he had extensive knowledge and an effective way to explain to lay people the importance and the history of the works that we were able to see in a 3 hour tour. We would recommend The Tour Guy tours to all who want a special experience. Thanks so much. It was well worth the price of the tour.

Reviewed by
Terry Beck
Most incredible tour of my life!

My boyfriend and I were so fortunate to have had John as our tour guide! He was so knowledgeable and personable , and truly went above and beyond to provide us with the best possible tour. We lucked out and were the only two on our tour with John, which made the experience even better and personalized, but I can tell John would flourish with a larger group, as well. Since the line to see the Mona Lisa was so long and we technically ran out of time, John took the initiative to turn out 3 hour scheduled tour into a 4 and a half hour tour to ensure we got to see everything he wanted us to. He also took into account my partner's back problems, and ensured there were enough opportunities to pause and sit. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have ended up seeing the Louvre with John. HIGHLY recommend!

Reviewed by
Janna Miller
Amazing Tour

This was an incredible tour. My tour guide, Josephine, was incredibly knowledgable about the works at the museum. She brought us to all the top pieces in a way that we avoided lines and got to see a ton. I highly recommend this tour. Thanks!

Reviewed by

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to meet?

At the equestrian statue of Louis the XIV in front of the Louvre Pyramid. A representative will be there holding a sign with our company name on it.

What to bring?

Bring a bottle of water if you think you will need one. Comfortable shoes are encouraged since the tour involves three hours of walking.

Q: Can I use my Paris Museum Pass to get a discount on our Louvre tour?

A: We pre-book all of our reservations and admission tickets for the Louvre Museum in advance. While the Paris Museum Pass can bring you inside the Louvre, our tours include pre-booked reservations. Because of this, you are not able to use your passes on our tours.

Q: I have some doubts about my mobility. Is this tour right for me?                  

A: If you have any doubts about your mobility, we strongly suggest you take a Private Louvre Museum tour.

Q: Can we stay longer in the museum after the tour ends? 

A: After your guide says goodbye, you are allowed to stay inside the museum until closing time. Be aware, though, that once you exit the area where the artwork is, you will not be allowed to re-enter. 

Q: Does this tour always visit every artwork listed?

Often artwork undergoes restorations or is loaned to another museum as an exhibit. Our itinerary will include the stop if it is open to be seen. If not, we will add a substitute.

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