Tours, Activities, and Experiences That Make Trips More Memorable!

We combine the right attractions with the most passionate people.

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Our Travel “Mantra”

1. Travel with People You Love

This one is up to you, but the best trips are born from a great group of people looking for fun adventure, and discovery!

2. Pick a Destination That Makes You Happy

Our planet has endless wonders! You may prefer the sun & white sand beaches of Miami, the rolling hills & vineyards of Tuscany, or the incredible culture and museums of Paris. Regardless, pick a destination with the elements that make you happy.

3. Find Fun & Intersting Activities

While booking hotels & flights is part of the process, arriving at your destination is the beginning of a great trip. From there, what are you going to do? What do you eat? What can you plan to bring joy to your group?

This is where we come in. We believe the key to making memories is joining tours, activities, and experiences led by the right people. Fun and passionate people! We’ve been creating our own tours in Rome, Paris, London, and many other cities.

We know what elements are necessary for customers to love and enjoy an activitiy. Now we’ve expanded our horizons globally and source incredibly passionate individual operators that share our mission.

What experiences could you enjoy on your next trip?

Something we often get asked... Okay but...

Who is The Tour Guy?

We like having “guy” in our name because it reinforces that we aren’t just a company, We area team of passionate and friendly people that love culture, history, and food!

Like-minded people that create and source unforgettable experiences for our customers, always with top-notch customer service and that personal touch.

We sell our own tours and “partner tours” from passionate people that share our vision.

And by the way, while we’re The Tour “Guy”, our team is a mix of guys, gals, and theys who are all just people.

How it started?

A wall ST. GUY

He gave up a career on Wall Street to follow his roots back to the boot.

Fell Deeply in Love

He fell head over heels for a lady named Italy & decided to stay a while.

The Tour Guy was born

He met another Guy with the same passion for Rome, both eager to deliver unique experiences to travelers

How we create a unique experience:


Find something people love about Italy. From famous attractions to lesser known hidden gems


Think of a unique way to experience it. We make sure it’s different to how it’s currently offered e.g. visit a restricted area, visit at night, visit before opening, meet the locals


Find the best tour guides possible. We handpick guides who are passionate about history and storytelling


Make it affordable. We want anyone coming to Italy to be able to enjoy our experiences