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Beat the crowds and explore on your own with these skip-the-line, last-minute tickets to the Vatican

So, you want to visit the Vatican Museums but aren't interested in a guided tour? Then you'll love booking your own tickets to the Vatican to explore at your own pace. You'll even get that coveted privilege of skipping the notoriously long line that goes all the way down the street. With these Vatican tickets, you'll have access to the Pio Clementino, Vatican Pinacoteca, Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms, top galleries, and more.

The Vatican Museums are a series of galleries housing some of the world's most famous artwork produced by high-Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and more. It culminates in the Sistine Chapel, which is arguably the most famous work of art on Earth completed by Michelangelo and others. Exploring the Vatican is a must-do activity while visiting Rome but make sure to bring water and your best walking shoes. Your feet might give out before you can even explore all 9 miles of art at the Vatican! And if you decide you'd rather understand more about these centuries-old artworks you'll see, then be sure to book one of our top-rated Vatican tours instead.

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Entry Ticket

Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Tickets

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