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How much is for a private Venice tour?

Travel ForumCategory: VeniceHow much is for a private Venice tour?
Franco Brown asked 3 months ago

And how long does it last?

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Kirby Moore Staff answered 3 months ago

Ciao Franco! Thank you for your question, Kirby here to help 🙂
We have a few fantastic PRIVATE Venice tours, <<< which you can find by following the link!
We have a 3 hour ‘Venice Discovery‘ (<<link!) tour that includes a 1 hour private boat ride with your private guide down the Grand Canal! It’s an amazing experience and you’ll visit all the top sites in Venice, like St Mark’s Square & Basilica and Rialto Bridge, but also discover the hidden gems away from the tourist-y areas by venturing onto a few of the many islands of Venice!
If you have a free day in Venice and looking for a real VIP experience, check out our unforgettable Venice Islands Adventure day trip (<< link!) to the famous islands of Murano and Burano, to learn all about glass blowing!
Have a dream experience you want to make reality?? We love to create custom tours, too! Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to make your dreams reality.

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