Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace and Historic Trogir Tour from Split

Explore the Vast Villa of Split in a Small Group

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With your expert local guide, visit the palace worthy of only a man as impressive as the legendary Emperor Diocletian. Visit the ins and outs of the grand estate that takes up nearly half of Split's Old City. Later head to Trogir, an active port in Roman times, whose old town has been listed by UNESCO for its incredible architecture throughout history.

Tour Details
  • Diocletian's Palace
  • UNESCO Listed Trogir Island
  • Architecture from Imperial Rome to Republican Venice
  • Learn Stories from Roman History
  • The Emperor who Saved the Empire
  • Old Town Split
  • The Four Grand Palace Gates
  • The World's Oldest Cathedral?

Would the Roman Empire have survived without the overhaul conducted by the Illyrian-born Emperor? The man who stabilized the Empire changed the role of the Emperor in countless ways. His final act as Emperor shocked the world, he retired. Diocletian returned back home to Split and built his impressive villa. With your storytelling guide, have an amazing day exploring historic Croatia. This half-day trip includes:

  • Admission to Diocletian's Palace

  • Visits to the Underground Cellars, Temple of Jupiter, Cathedral of Saint Domnius and more

  • Expert Friendly Local Guide

  • Transportation to Trogir and Guided Walking Tour of the Old Town

Diocletian's Palace

Coming out of the crisis of the 3rd Century Rome was a far cry from the greatness of Augustus or even Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius just a century before. Beginning in 284 CE, Diocletian came to power determined to return Rome to its ultimate greatness.

From the development of the Tetrarchy to the complete overhaul of the Roman bureaucracy, Diocletian's reforms brought the Empire out of the doldrums. An extremely practical man, after 20 years of rule Diocletian took a step never before taken in Rome, he retired.

Instead of the future prospects of civil war or even an end of life full of the stresses of running an empire from Britain to the Tigris, Diocletian decided to hang up the purple robes. Returning back to his hometown of Spalatum (now Split), he built his great palace for the ultimate retirement of luxury.

At the Palace you will visit the grand Emperors Apartments, the seafront complex where Diocletian would live out his final six years. Leaving the apartments you will head through the Peristyle, experience the wonderful atrium reminiscent of all Roman luxury.

Additionally, visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius, built on the Imperial Mauseoluem. Consecrated in the 7th Century CE, the Cathedral is the oldest Catholic Church still being used in its original structure.

Trogir, the Small Island Town full of History

After visiting Diocletian's Palace, head a half-hour drive north to the ancient port of Trogir. Founded in the 3rd Century BCE, Trogir was known as Tragurium in Ancient times. Though most of the city dates back to the middle ages, the Roman influence is certainly not missed.

Exploring the entire island where the Old Town of Trogir sits, imagine the effectiveness of the 15th Century grand walls protecting the city. See the Kamerlengo Fortress, Cathedral of St. Lawrence and more. Immerse yourself in the wealth of Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque architecture that make Trogir special. Enjoy the best of Roman Empire Era Croatia!

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