Granada Flamenco Show with Local Tapas Dinner

Experience local Andalusian tapas and unlimited drinks, while you enjoy traditional Flamenco show

Travel Flexibly · 1.10h · Granada, Spain

Are you looking for a cultural and culinary experience distinctive to Granada taking place in a unique setting? Immerse yourself in the cavernous environment of El Templo Del Flamenco, where the artistry of Flamenco dance and music and the diverse tastes of Andalusian cuisine fuse perfectly in a vibrant atmosphere. The event is an exciting exploration of the rhythmic styles of Flamenco and the culinary artistry of traditional Spanish tapas, resulting in a mesmerizing multisensory experience.

  • Meet your host in 'Arc of Elvira'
  • The Arc of Elvira
  • The cave​
  • Templo del Flamenco​
  • Flamenco dinner show​
  • Tapas Menu
  • Local ambiance
  • Authentic Flamenco Show​
  • End after the show

Be prepared to be swept away by a dazzling array of music, Flamenco dance, and Spanish tapas, focusing on traditional Andalusian recipes and local ingredients. In an intimate cave setting, you’ll experience an extravaganza of sights, sounds, and tastes that bring you closer to the essence of Spanish artistic identity and culture. Come prepared to be swept off your feet by a delightful 70-minute show and tapas experience that nourishes your appetite and captivates your imagination.

Your 70-minute tour includes:

  • Entrance to El Templo Del Flamenco tablao

  • Authentic flamenco show

  • Traditional tapas dinner and unlimited beverages

  • Intimate performance setting

  • Cultural performance insights

Embrace Flamenco’s Diverse Dance Styles

Booking a dinner and dance show at El Templo Del Flamenco provides guests with the unique opportunity to experience both the rich history and rhythmic nature of Flamenco styles. On any given visit, you’ll see many types of dance, from the traditional and classic Flamenco to the graceful and exotic Guajira to the profound and festive Soleá.

These dances are performed in a Flamenco 'cuadro', an ensemble of one or several dancers, singers and guitarists a dancer or dancers (bailaores/bailaoras), a singer or singers (cantaor/cantaora), a guitarist or guitarists (guitarrista), and sometimes a percussionist or other musicians. This collaborative group creates a narrative of dance, song (cante flamenco), and music central to the Flamenco tradition.

Seeing a Flamenco dance show is an immersive experience that delights the senses and stirs the soul. The intensity of this art form is felt through the dancers and the emotion conveyed through each movement and gesture. The expression in this vibrant dance embodies a wide range of feelings, from joy and triumph to sadness and despair, making each performance a personal journey for the artisans and the audience.

Enjoy a Traditional Tapas Dinner, Drinks and Dessert

Once you arrive, you’ll be escorted to your table, where you’ll partake in a curated selection of traditional tapas- small savory dishes that offer a taste of Andalusia's finest culinary traditions. Tapas, meaning small plates, are designed to be shared informally amongst friends, family, and acquaintances and enjoyed with a fine wine or robust beer. El Templo Del Flamenco guests can enjoy a variety of traditional Andalusian tapas. All tapas selections are hand-crafted with a focus on fresh and local ingredients.

Tapas have a long and rich history in Spain, and the stories about their origins are as intriguing as those of the small plates. Some say that King Alfonso X, ‘The Wise’ in the 13th century, required that tapas be served with alcohol so that those who imbibed would remain sober. Others say the practice was born out of necessity in the 13th century as a practical solution to keep drinks free from dust and insects. Bar keeps would cover the top of a glass with a flat item, such as a slice of bread, salami, or cheese, serving as a lid and a snack. Regardless of their origin, tapas are a delicious way to experience a diverse selection of Spanish fare.

Explore Flamenco History and Culture

Flamenco, steeped in history since the 14th century, is an interplay of dance, song, guitar, and percussion. As an art form, it reflects the confluence of various cultures over generations, blending movement with music and art with tradition. Flamenco embodies a deep cultural heritage and passionate spirit, creating an awe-inspiring experience that captivates audiences with its intensity and emotion.

With humble beginnings, Flamenco is believed to have been cultivated in southern Spain in Andalusia and Murcia, where the Romani people in close-knit communities performed it. Over time, Flamenco has been recognized as a world cultural treasure. With UNESCO’s 2010 acknowledgment as part of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, Flamenco gained global recognition for its cultural significance and contribution to humanity's diverse heritage.

Experience the Unique Cavern-Like Ambiance

El Templo Del Flamenco is set in a series of caves or caverns. The central area where the performance takes place features a 'tablao,’ or stage, the traditional performance platform. The tablao is surrounded by smaller caverns with tables and chairs that provide the perfect vantage points to enjoy the show. The recently renovated cave-like space has excellent acoustics and dramatic theatrical lighting, heightening the Flamenco experience. El Templo Del Flamenco is considered one of the best venues in Granada.

What you get with this tour
Flamenco show
Traditional tablao
Tapas & unlimited drinks
Local venue
Expert performers
Optional pick up service
Additional food or beverages
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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring?

Meeting point and ending point

The tour will start and end at El Templo del Flamenco, Calle Pernaleros Alto, 41, Albaicín, 18010 Granada. If you choose to be accompanied by walking to the event there is a free escort service from ‘ Arc of Elvira’ at the end of Elvira Street, parallel to Gran Vía Street. Please let us know beforehand if you would wish to enjoy this service

What to bring?

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes according to the season

Is this tour run by The Tour Guy?

This tour is operated by one of our trusted and vetted partners in Granada

What if I have food allergies, intolerances, or other requirements?

Please contact us in advance so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. We will work with our tour partners to provide an alternative when possible

What if I’m concerned about my mobility?

If you have concerns about your mobility, please contact our team before booking

What does the dinner include?

The tapas menu at El Templo del Flamenco offers a selection of tapas dishes and includes unlimited drinks served until dessert time

Does this event include hotel pickup?

Hotel pickup is not included for this event. You’ll need to make your way to El Tempio del Flamenco independently. However, If you would like to be accompanied by walking to the event there is a free escort service half an hour before the show starts

How many drinks will I get?

You may take advantage of the unlimited beverages special (beer, wine, soda, or water) until dessert arrives. If you’d wish to have more drinks after dessert they should be covered at your own expense

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$73.45 / per person
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