Skip the Line Alhambra, Generalife, and Nasrid Palaces Tour

Skip the Line and Discover the Great Citadel of Granada, the Lasting Symbol of Spain's Islamic Rule

Travel Flexibly · 3.00h 30 max · Granada, Spain

Are you worried about trying to visit the Alhambra and Generalife in just one tour? For our local guides, these sites are their second home, so they will have no problem showing you in no time at all. And also some extra areas! Discover the grand fortress, gardens, and palaces of the Muslim rulers who controlled Spain for centuries until 1492. With Gardens as magnificent as Versailles and a fortress more elegant than the Tower of London, see the wonders of Granada on this small-group tour.

  • Meet Your Guide Outside the Alhambra
  • Skip the Line Alhambra and Generalife Tour
  • The World-Famous Alhambra
  • Intiricate Design and Architecture
  • The Grand Throne Room and Ceiling
  • The Great Palace Courtyards
  • Generalife, the Ultimate Summer Home
  • See the Elaborate Generalife Gardens
  • Learn the Importance of the Generalife Fountains
  • Spain Under Muslim Rule

Are you ready to travel centuries into the past? Did you know that 1492 was not only the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue? For the Castilian Queen Isabella, setting foot in North America was of secondary importance. During that same year, Isabella's troops finally defeated the last bastion of Muslim rule. When the Islamic capital of Granada and its citadel, the Alhambra fell, the Moors were forced out of Iberia. Learn about history of Spain before the fall of the Nazari Emirs and how the Muslim architecture and culture has influenced Andalusia into modern times.

Alhambra, Generalife, and Nasrid Palaces Tour Description

This 3-hour tour includes:

  • Skip the Line Admission to the Alhambra and Generalife Complex

  • Licensed English Speaking Guide

  • Guided Tour of the Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra and Generalife Gardens

Meet Your Guide Across from the Alhambra Entrance

Your day begins atop the Sabika Hill where Muslim rulers began building fortifications as far back as the 8th Century AD. See the walls of the palatial complex as your guide leads you inside.

The Elegant Palace of the Lions and Palace Of The Comares

Over centuries, the area of the Alhambra developed into the network of palaces and defensive structures we see today. Your guide will describe how in the 13th century, the Nasrid dynasty was able to finally take control over competing factions leading to the rapid expansion of the area with opulence and grandeur.

Only two of the six palaces that stood in 1492 still last in the Alhambra today. In the Palace of the Lions, your guide will first describe the emblematic statue of big cats centered in the Palace's ornate courtyard. Learn why scholars to this day debate whether this palace was a learning center, mosque, or throne to victory.

Next you will explore the Palace of the Comares. Renovated by Muhammad V in the 14th century, Comares acted as the grand throne room for the Sultans. Entering from another one of the Alhambra's great courtyard, learn why you do not see an elaborate facade. Inside, see how the Palace's designs represent the growing influence from Sufism and mysticism in the Sultan's court during the last century of their rule in Spain.

Medieval Fortresses of the Alhambra

From the palaces, your guide will lead you to the defensive structures used to protect the city from invaders. At the Alcazaba, discover the oldest surviving structure atop Sabika Hill. Built in either the 9th or 10th century, your guide will tell impressive stories of this over 1000 year old watch tower.

Lavish Generalife Gardens

Down the road from the Nasrid Palaces head to the majestic Generalife Gardens. Based in part on the Koranic depictions of heaven, the lush gardens and flowing fountains were a picturesque summer retreat for the Sultan and his family. Also serving as an orchard, the gardens were an oasis to the Palace's and Fortress close by.

Though much of the structure caught fire in 1958 and had to be rebuilt, the most stunning aspect of the Generalife still stands. See the beautiful Water Staircase up close. The 4 story set of stairs with a flowing stream creates a sense of tranquility amongst the gardens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to meet?

Across from the Alhambra entrance, you will receive exact instructions upon booking

What to bring?

Please bring your voucher either printed or on your phone. Please wear comfortable shoes and we recommend a water bottle in summer

Where to meet?

Across from the Alhambra entrance, you will receive exact instructions upon booking

What to bring?

Please bring your voucher either printed or on your phone. Please wear comfortable shoes and we recommend a water bottle in summer

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