Paris: The City of Lights from Ancient Times to the Fire of Notre Dame

With your Expert Guide Avi, explore the great history of Paris and its Ile de la Cité, from the Roman settlement to the Modern Sites

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What is a Virtual Guided Tour? It is not virtual reality. It is a licensed guide led webinar packed with photos, videos, polls and a fully interactive chat function which makes this anything but a lecture video. There is also a live Q&A at the end satisfying all your questions about Paris, Art History, Architecture or your next French vacation. Whether you’ve never been abroad or spent every summer in France, enjoy this exciting, interactive experience from the comfort of your home.

Tour Details
  • The Fire of Notre Dame: What Happened and What's Next?
  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes, Fun for All Ages
  • Live Chat with Your Guide
  • 2000 Years of Parisian History from Caesar to Today
  • From Clovis to Louis XIV, the Grand Kings of France
  • Notre Dame: Past, Present and Future
  • The Stunning Stained Glass of Sainte Chapelle
  • Marie Antoinette, The Reign of Terror and the Conciergerie

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Did you know that the history of Paris centered around one river island for centuries? How many times has the Notre Dame caught fire? Can you imagine being completely surrounded by stunning stained glass? Join us on an interactive journey through the history of Paris from ancient times to today. This 60 minute experience includes:

-An Expert Local Guide, Avi, Live from Paris!

-Live Q&A with your Guide

-1 Hour Interactive Online Experience

-Live Chat Feature throughout the Tour

-All tours are listed in EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Lutetia, Caesar, Clovis and the Founding of France

Though Celtic tribes including the "Parisi" were present in the areas near Paris for centuries, the modern settlement we know today as Paris was founded during the Gallic Wars in 52 BC by none other than Julius Caesar. The settlement was based a small island on the Seine River that we now know as the Ile de la Cité, or City Island. This walled fortification acted as a major strategic for the Roman military for centuries and eventually became an important ancient town. Learn the often overlooked early history of the City of Lights. You'll also discover the "First King of France," Learn how Clovis united the Gallic and Frankish tribes at the fall of the Roman Empire. Learn about the great conquests of the former Roman Gaul and how this relates to the modern entity we know of as Paris.

Ile de la Cité, the Heart of Paris, Present and Past

The tour will center on the Ile de La Cite. This island on the Seine is home to many of Paris' great landmarks as well as all of the city's early history. Take a virtual trip across Pont Neuf. One of the world's oldest standing bridges, this stone bridge connecting the island to the Seine's south bank dates back from the 3rd century BC and is still one of the most traversed bridges in the city. Few realize the history of the bridge as they walk to the Notre Dame. You will also discover the importance of Place Dauphine, the square that historically acted as much more than a great spot for a photo. Then head to one of the world's most stunning churches (No not Notre Dame just yet). Learn about the amazement caused by the stunning stained glass that creates the Church of Sainte Chapelle.

Notre Dame, the History, Fire, and Future

Built nearly 1,000 years ago, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most influential and famous churches in the world. The groundbreaking flying buttresses allowed for this grand Gothic Cathedral to be built like nothing had ever been before. Though the church is so incredible, few knew of it outside of France until Victor Hugo wrote Hunchback of Notre Dame, which 150 years later became a Disney film. The church sadly is currently closed do to the great fire that struck in 2019, but reconstruction has resumed and Notre Dame is expected to reopen for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Until then though, your guide Avi will take you through the church and its history on this virtual experience.

What you get with this tour
An Expert Local Paris Guide
Live Q&A with your Guide
1 Hour Interactive Online Experience
All tours are listed in EST (Eastern Standard Time)
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Paris virtual tour

Very informative!

Reviewed by
Stephanie Abbott
Paris: the city of lights from ancient times to the fire at Notre Dame

So much interesting information! I visited Paris 5 years ago and although we did our research first, I wish I had had the information from this webinar! I learned so much. Great speaker, kept everyone engaged. Thank you!


Reviewed by
Janice Gorin Gorin

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What to bring?

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Online, exact instructions will be sent upon booking

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