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Climb to the Top of the Colosseum

One of our most top-selling tours, this exclusive Colosseum underground and top levels tour includes all of the monument’s restricted areas. See the Colosseum’s Underground, arena floor, and the top levels.


This tour will include several flights of stairs to arrive at the very top of the Colosseum on the Fifth Level and some walking on uneven terrain.

3 h
max 15
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1 The Colosseum Exterior
2 Colosseum 3rd Tier
3 Colosseum 4th Tier
4 Colosseum 5th Tier
5 The Nosebleed Section
6 Roman Forum
7 Arch of Titus
8 Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
9 Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine


3rd, 4th & 5th Level
Roman Forum

You’ll have top-to-bottom access to the Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor, lower levels and the recently-reopened top levels. Access all of the Colosseum’s restricted areas and see 2,000 years of history up close. This Colosseum underground and top levels tour features a guided exploration of the Roman Forum. This four-hour tour includes:

  • - Access to the top levels of the Colosseum
  • - An expert English-speaking Colosseum guide
  • - Access to the ancient Roman Forum
  • - A maximum group size of only 15 people

Colosseum Third Level

Enter the the first level of the Colosseum and climb to the third level where you will enjoy the views over the Roman Forum from the amphitheater's northwest side. The third tier was reserved for Ancient Rome's working class, known as the plebeians. Once you've taken lots of photos, your professional guide will teach you about the history of the games that took place inside of the Colosseum. Once the scene of countless animal hunts, gladiator fights, mock sea battles and public executions, the Colosseum is one of Rome's must-see attractions.

Colosseum Fourth and Fifth Levels

After visiting the Roman Colosseum’s general access area, you’ll pass through a special locked gate and ascend to the restricted top tiers. You’ll see the marvelous views of the Forum and the Colosseum from what once were Ancient Rome’s “nosebleed seats.” 
Everyone standing in the general access areas will wonder how you got to the top. Nowhere else in the Colosseum can you experience such a jaw-dropping view. Once there, you’ll take great pictures and learn about Ancient Rome’s social structure in relation to the Colosseum’s seating practices.
Despite the seating arrangement according to wealth and status, the Colosseum was for everyone. The phrase “bread and circuses” refers to a practice used by emperors to prevented Roman citizens from revolting. This phrase was built on the philosophy that a well-fed populace with free access to entertainment is less likely to revolt against its rulers. You’ll learn more about this and other nuances of Ancient Roman society with our Colosseum Underground and top levels tour.

Ancient Roman Forum

Have you ever wondered what the Roman Forum was? Now see it for yourself! The Forum’s sprawling ruins are what once was “downtown” Ancient Rome. Developed in the 7th century, this district served as the Roman Empire’s commercial and political hub. You won’t need to wait in line to get in with us, because you’ll skip the line and head right inside with your expert guide. See the Roman Forum’s many attractions like the Temple of Antoninus, the Temple of Julius Caesar, and the Arch of Titus and Faustina.
At the conclusion of the tour, feel free to explore Palatine Hill on your own and enjoy spectacular views over Circus Maximus or relax in the Farnese Gardens. By the time your Colosseum tour concludes, you'll leave with plenty of incredible pictures and a newfound appreciation for life in Rome during the 1st-4th centuries.