Rome in a Half Day with Electric Bikes

The Best Rome E-Bike Tour

Cruise through The Eternal City by the power of an electric bike. See the city’s main sites by bike without even having to tire yourself out by peddling.


We will be cycling most of the time but there is minimal effort in pedaling thanks to the electric bikes.

4 h
max 10
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1 Via Dei Fori Imperiali
2 Colosseum View
3 Circus Maximus
4 Aventine Hill Rose Garden
5 Capitoline Hill
6 Trevi Fountain
7 The Spanish Steps
8 Pantheon
9 Piazza Navona
10 Piazza Farnese
11 Trastevere
12 Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
13 Tiber Island & Jewish Ghetto
14 Teatro Marcello


City Tours
E-bike City Tour

Take a serene yet adventurous electric bike tour led by a passionate local guide. Rome’s a large city, so walking around the whole area can be overwhelming, especially in the summer heat. This e-bike tour takes the tension off your feet and allows you to see Rome in a day with the ease of not even having to peddle your bike. This four-hour long tour includes:

- See ancient Rome ruins including the Colosseum, Circus Maximus and Pantheon (from outside)
- Travel through the intriguing hidden passageways of Rome's city center
- E-bikes allow you to see most of the city in a stress-free and effortless way
- A local, English-speaking guide
E-bikes do not come in youth or child sizes as they are motorized. Anyone riding the bikes must be 5' 2" (160cm) minimum. 

Enjoy Panoramic Views of Rome

Depart from Rome’s city center up to Palatine Hill, where you’ll get one of the best views of the Roman Forum. On the way, check out a couple of beautiful gardens and make your way to the Aventine Keyhole. After checking out the picturesque views, ride over to Circus Maximus, the first ever built ancient stadium.

Climb Rome’s Capitoline Hill

After passing the Greek Ghetto, follow your guide to Capitoline Hill. In this beautiful piazza, you will be able to look out over the edge, out to the beautiful Roman scenery below. Capitoline Hill, or Campidoglio, as locals call it, is one of the seven hills upon which the city of Rome was built. Don’t sorry, you won’t have to climb all seven of Rome’s hills on this tour. Luckily though, for the hills you do ascend, your e-bike is there to swiftly bring you up with just the press of a button.

A View of Rome’s Colosseum

The next stop on this comprehensive Rome bike tour is one of Rome’s most popular attractions. Two thousand years ago, Rome’s toughest gladiators fought their bloodiest battles inside of the Roman Colosseum, where thousands of screaming spectators watched the intensity unfold. Uncover some of the most fascinating stories about ancient Rome’s most popular spectator sport, and even how the Colosseum brought together every socioeconomic class in ancient Rome.
Looking to go inside of the Colosseum? Make sure to check out our selection of Colosseum tours. From the Colosseum underground to the top levels, and everything in between (literally), we offer some of the best Colosseum tours in Rome.

Trajan’s Column, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps

Continue following behind your fearless leader toward Piazza Venezia. As your glide closer, you’ll start to notice a giant column entering your line of vision. During his time as Emperor, Trajan decided to build a massive column to celebrate his victory over the ancient Dacians. After your guide explains the detailed inscriptions of Trajan’s Column, pedal (or not!) over to the world’s most iconic fountain. 
The Trevi Fountain’s sculpture depicts Oceanus on a chariot being pulled by two horses. As you walk past, you’ll notice crowds of people tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain. As legend has it, tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain ensures good luck and a guaranteed return to the Eternal City. Just a short ride away, you’ll enter one of Rome’s most posh neighborhoods. Youre= guide will point out the Spanish Steps, which lead to the Trinità dei Monti church. At the base of the steps, you’ll find another one of Rome’s beautiful fountains, Fontana della Barcaccia, or “Fountain of the Longboat. You don’t need to climb all 174 steps to experience the splendor of this popular Roman landmark. After enough time to admire this beautiful site, hop back on your e-bike.

Tour Rome’s Architectural Marvel - The Pantheon

Continue on Rome’s cobblestone path as your guide leads the way to Rome’s most well-preserved Ancient building. Now considered a church, the Pantheon is a former temple home to some of Rome’s most precious artwork. The structure’s rectangular vestibule links to a wholesome rotunda, drawing great inspiration from Greek architecture. Learn about the origins of Hadrian’s temple and the uncertainty behind its exact age.

Cruise Through Trastevere

Cross over one of Rome’s most famous bridges, the Ponte Sisto, named after the same Pope that the Sistine Chapel is named for. You’ll find yourself in the neighborhood of Trastevere, home to a dynamic foodie and shopping scene. You’ll find thousands of bars and restaurants here, as well as tons of beautiful hidden streets. If you become entranced by the intriguing aromas of the nearby cuisine, consider checking out our local food tour in Trastevere, where you taste the local goods for yourself.

Cross Tiber Island into Jewish Quarter

After exploring Trastevere, cross the river once again onto Tiber Island. You’ll cross over the oldest bridge in Rome to appropriately discover one of the oldest parts of Rome. After exploring this tiny island, cross over to Rome’s Jewish Quarter. Learn about the history of the Roman Jewish Ghetto, an area that still holds ties to Rome’s modern Jewish community. Just a short ride away, you’ll see an ancient structure that looks a lot like the Colosseum. Explore Teatro Marcello and discover the fascinating history behind this ancient open-air-theater.
At this point, it’s time to say arrivederci to your group and guide. Your guide will be more than happy to recommend other things to do in Rome, nearby restaurants or even how to get back to your hotel.