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Where can I eat typical local dishes?

by Emmy Altava
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Emmy Altava asked 8 months ago

Is there a tour dedicated to food?

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Kirby Moore Staff answered 7 months ago

Ciao Emmy,
Thank you for your question and we LOVE to get to know a city through its local cuisine, in fact, we’ve created some extra special foodie tours in Venice, Florence & Rome!
Check out each tour by clicking on the above links 🙂
The tours are lead by one of our fabulous locals who live in the neighborhood, this allows you to discover a side to Italy/the city in the company of someone who knows the best, hidden gems in the city and where to find the most authentic foods!
We also love wine, cold meats and cheese… for this we have some delightful DAY TRIPS to the CHIANTI REGION in Tuscany (<< Check out more info in the link!).