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Venice Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour


On our Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour, you’ll discover a darker side of Venice. You’ll see the Doge’s Palace’s hidden torture chambers and even Casanova’s jail cell. See all of the areas of the Palace that are not open to the public and even cross the notorious Bridge of Sighs.

If you’re looking for a unique Venice experience, The Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour is your best option. Visit sections of the palace that are restricted to the general public. You’ll see Venice’s dark side and learn about the city’s brutal legal system.

Note: During the months of July, August and November thru February, the . During this time, we will cover other fascinating aspects of The Doge’s Palace.

Doge's Palace Facade, Venice, Italy

The Doge’s Palace

Your tour begins outside of the Doge’s Palace, where you will meet your guide. You’ll learn about the history of the palace, St. Mark’s Square and the city of Venice. Admire the Venetian Gothic façade of The Doge’s Palace before skipping the line to enter. Sitting next to St. Mark’s Basilica, The Doge’s Palace was once home to the Doge during Venice’s period as a republic.  

Doge's Palace Courtyard, Venice, Italy

Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries Tour

Except: July, August, November, December, January and February

The inside of the Doge’s Palace features meticulously-designed marble floors, fireplaces and friezes. You’ll see the beautiful courtyard occupying the space between the palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. After experiencing the courtyard’s splendor, you’ll enter through a secret door to access restricted areas and begin your Doge’s Palace secret itineraries tour.

Doge’s Palace Prison Cells and Offices

Inside the restricted areas of The Doge’s Palace, you’ll visit the small damp detention cells also called pozzi. Your guide will show you the many drawings and writing on the wall that tells the story of those held inside of the pozzi. You will then take a small stairway to visit two nearby rooms that housed members of Venice’s Council of Ten, the city’s governing body from 1310-1797. Afterwards, your tour guide will take you to see the Office of the Great Chancellor, the keeper of Venice’s General Archives.

Palace Torture Chambers and Casanova’s Cell

Your Doge’s Palace secret itineraries tour will continue to the torture chamber. Nicknamed the Chamber of Torment, this room is directly connected to the palace prisons. Your guide will teach you about the methods of torture implemented during the interrogation process. Following the visit to the torture chamber, you’ll walk next door and see the prison cells called piombi. The piombi were meant for political prisoners and those with shorter sentences. You’ll learn about the only prisoner to escape from the Doge’s Palace; Giacomo Casanova. Your guide will take you to visit his cell and tell you the story of his daring escape.

The Infamous Bridge of Sighs

The Doge’s Palace Bridge of Sighs, also known as Ponte dei Sospiri, towers over the Rio di Palazzo and links the palace interrogation chamber to its prison cells. Prisoners were led across the bridge’s covered interior to sometimes lifelong sentences. The bridge’s small windows with stone bars gave prisoners their last glimpse of the city of Venice.

Conclude in St. Mark’s Square

Your Doge’s Palace secret itineraries tour concludes with the option to remain inside the palace and explore on your own or return to St. Mark’s Square with the group. Before departing from the group, be sure to ask your guide where the best places to eat in Venice are. Our Venice guides know the ins and outs of The Floating City.

For an unforgettable Venice experience, be sure to check out our other Venice tours. We offer a hidden Venice food tour and a Venice highlights tour with a gondola ride. Make your visit to Venice a memorable one with The Roman Guy.

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Venice in a Day Tour

The Best Venice in a Day Tour

See all of the best attractions that the legendary Floating City of Venice has to offer. With our Venice in a Day tour, you’ll experience all of Venice’s major attractions, plus local gems. Experience St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and a relaxing gondola ride on this incredible Venice tour.

This full day tour is the best way for those only staying a few days to see all of Venice’s highlights. Cover all of the Floating City’s main attractions and spend the rest of your time in Venice enjoying aperitivo and cicchetti.

Start Your Venice Tour in St. Mark’s Square

Your Venice in a Day Tour begins in St. Mark’s Square, Venice’s central public plaza. Your guide will teach you the history of this iconic piazza, home to St. Mark’s Basilica. Known as “The Church of Gold”, St. Mark’s Basilica’s elaborate design features gold mosaics and marble slabs. Skip the line during the busy summer months and learn about the basilica’s storied history.

*St. Mark’s Basilica does not offer skip the line entry to tour groups during the off-peak season (November thru March).

Please note: As St. Mark’s Basilica is a place of worship, men and women must have their knees and shoulders covered once inside. Failure to do so may result in refusal of entry to a portion of the tour. We understand that summers in Venice are hot and recommend bringing a shawl or sweater for covering.

Crossing the Rialto Bridge

After your visit to St. Mark’s Basilica, you’ll follow your local guide through Venice’s back alleyways to the iconic Rialto Bridge. Learn history and lore surrounding this gorgeous bridge as you cross into Venice’s popular Rialto neighborhood. Don’t forget to ask your guide for information on the neighborhood’s best eateries and wine bars so you can return later.

Gondola Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy

Local Attractions in Venice

Experiencing some of the many things to do in Venice doesn’t always involve going where all the crowds are. Our guides will take you down the back streets of Venice, where you’ll find places that are less obvious to the average tourist. You’ll see Venice in a day as the locals know it.

Gondola in Venice, Italy

Go on a Relaxing Gondola Ride

When experiencing Venice, you absolutely must ride a gondola. We’ve included this experience in our Venice in a Day tour. As the first part of the tour concludes, your tour guide will bring you to a trusted Venice gondolier who will take you on a scenic cruise down Venice’s beautiful canals. After experiencing this bucket list moment, you’ll break for lunch.

Gondola dock, Venice, Italy

Lunch in Venice

At the end of your gondola ride, grab some authentic Venetian cicchetti, a slice of pizza or a panino (cost of lunch is not included in the price of the tour)  to pair with a glass of vino close to St. Mark’s Square. Your guide will then meet you near the original meeting spot as you prepare to visit Venice’s iconic Doge’s Palace.

The Secret Tour of Doge’s Palace

The secret tour does not run during the months of July, August, November, December, January and February. During those months, we will run a regular tour of the palace that includes a ton of fascinating history.

This isn’t just any tour of the Doge’s Palace, our secret tour features special access to the palace’s restricted areas. You’ll skip the line and go beyond the general public, seeing prison cells, torture chambers and government offices. The secret itineraries are closed to tour operators during the months of July, August and November thru February. We will still run the tour and cover the Doge’s Palace’s many other fascinating areas.

Once your Venice in a day tour ends, don’t let the magic of The Floating City fade away.  We offer a hidden Venice food tour that features cicchetti, bacari (local wine bars) and the opportunity to revisit Rialto Market.  For those who want an even more exclusive experience, we offer a private tour to some of Venice’s surrounding islands. Experience the islands of Murano and Burano, only accessible by boat. Experience breathtaking, scenic views as you venture by boat to these nearby islands. You’ll learn more about the traditions and histories behind Venice and its surrounding area.

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Vatican Museums & Pope’s Summer Residence Day Trip

Vatican Gardens, Lunch and Train Tickets Included

This Vatican experience features a tour of the Vatican Museums, followed by a day trip to the Pope’s summer residence. Enjoy round-trip transportation from Rome and a locally-sourced buffet lunch in Castel Gandolfo, both included with the tour.

Place yourself in the Pope’s shoes and envision life as pontiff of the Catholic Church. Go beyond the Vatican Museums and see the Pope’s summer residence on this day trip from Rome. Explore the gorgeous hilltop town of Castel Gandolfo, overlooking Lake Albano. This exclusive day trip begins at the Vatican Museums, continuing through the Vatican Gardens before proceeding by train to Castel Gandolfo.

Skip the Line and Tour The Vatican 

You’ll start your day bright and early as you meet your tour guide at the Vatican Museums to skip the line and enter forty-five minutes before the general public. After going through a brief security check, you’ll proceed right inside to begin your tour.

The Vatican Museum’s Amazing Galleries

As you proceed to the Sistine Chapel, you’ll explore the Vatican Museums’ most beautiful galleries: the Gallery of the Tapestries, the Gallery of the Candelabra and the Gallery of the Maps. You’ll see frescoes depicting the geography of the Italian peninsula that predate a unified Italy by almost three centuries.

The Awe-Inspiring Sistine Chapel

As part of the Vatican Tour, you’ll experience Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Stand in awe at the iconic meticulous frescoes that adorn the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. You’ll be amazed at how Michelangelo spent four years painting The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgement while lying on his back. Our knowledgeable guides will tell you fascinating stories about the history of each painting.

As the Sistine Chapel is a place of worship, speaking inside is not allowed. Our guide will explain the frescoes to the group in advance, providing a map/handout for reference prior to entering. Men and women must cover their knees and shoulders while inside the Sistine Chapel. As summer temperatures in Rome get very hot, we recommend bringing a scarf or shawl to cover up.

Stroll Through the Vatican Gardens

Your tour will continue to the Vatican Gardens, where only special tour groups are allowed to visit. With your highly-demanded Vatican Gardens tickets, you’ll breathe in the tranquil air of this mini paradise. Stroll through the Vatican Gardens’ grottoes, landscaping and over 100 fountains. You’ll see jaw-dropping views of St. Peter’s Basilica away from the crowds – very few visitors are permitted inside the Vatican Gardens. Once your Vatican Gardens tour is finished, you’ll enter Vatican City’s only train station to board the train to Castel Gandolfo.   

A Scenic Train Ride from Vatican City

You’ll board the train departing from Stazione di Città del Vaticano as a special guest of the Vatican, the only people allowed to board. Enjoy the scenic ride through the Castelli Romani Hills to Castel Gandolfo. This is the perfect opportunity for you to rest and relax before the second half of this day trip. Your train will arrive at the Castel Gandolfo Train Station, where you will board a bus to the Barberini Gardens and the Apostolic Palace (the Pope’s summer residence).

Castel Gandolfo Train from Rome, Italy

Castel Gandolfo’s Barberini Gardens

After a bus ride up the hill, you’ll visit the marvelous Barberini Gardens. Once the site of Emperor Domitian’s Villa, the Barberini Gardens boast beautifully-designed hedges situated amidst flowers, fountains and Ancient Roman ruins. Your guide will tell you stories about the history of the gardens and the many points of interest located within. Experience firsthand the mastery of landscape design that the Barberini Gardens boast.

Barberini Gardens, Castel Gandolfo, Italy

Feast on Italian Delicacies

Once you’ve explored the lush scenery of the Barberini Gardens, the tour will break for lunch (included with the tour). You’ll sit down to a sumptuous spread of locally-sourced, organic Italian meats, cheeses, olive oil, tomatoes and pasta. Many of the organic ingredients from the tour’s lunch are available for purchase to enjoy later.

Visit the Pope’s Summer Residence

After lunch, you are free to explore the scenic town of Castel Gandolfo. Overlooking the immaculate Lake Albano, Castel Gandolfo boasts an array of shops, restaurants, art galleries and cafes. The opportunity to take a self-guided tour of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer residence, is also available. Now a museum open to the public, visitors will enjoy exploring the Palace’s many rooms, art galleries, and collection of cars driven by former popes. Once you’ve finished basking in Castel Gandolfo’s unspoiled splendor, a bus will take you back down the hill to the train station. Unwind after your long day and enjoy the scenery on the train ride to Rome’s San Pietro Train Station.

We offer unforgettable Roman experiences including a VIP Colosseum at Night tour and an electric bike tour of Rome. The Roman Guy will satisfy your palate with a local food tour through Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, complete with wine and dinner. Make your time in Rome an unforgettable one with The Roman Guy.     

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Chianti Wine Tasting And San Gimignano Tuscan Countryside Outing


Experience Tuscany’s beautiful countryside on our Chianti wine tasting tour. Your tour departs from Florence, visiting San Gimignano, a walled medieval village in Tuscany’s Siena region before eating lunch and learning about wine making at a Chianti farmhouse.

This day trip begins in Florence and travels through Tuscany’s Chianti region. We’ll take you to the walled medieval village of San Gimignano and an organic farmhouse in the heart of the Chianti region. You’ll experience the magic of Tuscany while sipping glasses of wine, its gift to the world.

San Gimignano – Medieval Manhattan

The tour’s first stop is the walled medieval city of San Gimignano. Nicknamed “Medieval Manhattan,” this UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its towers that predate modern day skyscrapers. Explore the city’s preserved 10th-century feudal surroundings. You’ll enjoy some free time to wander around the historic town that sits inside of San Gimignano’s walls.

San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

Chianti Farmhouse for Wine and Lunch

Your journey will continue through the Chianti hills to a traditional family-owned Tuscan farmhouse. Marvel at the unspoiled beauty of the Tuscan countryside while learning about the wine making process, from grapevine to bottle. You’ll taste the finished product for yourself while sitting down for a mouthwatering lunch. With lunch and wine included in the tour, you’ll savor the splendor of the Tuscan quality of life with a meal made from the family farm’s products.

Chianti Wine Tasting

Chianti Region to Florence

Once your fairy tale excursion through the rolling hills of Tuscany’s countryside is over, we’ll take you back to Florence in a luxury climate-controlled vehicle. Enjoy the scenic drive with the delightful medieval village and Tuscan wine tasting fresh in your mind. 

Let your magical experience with The Roman Guy continue after the tour. We offer an array of experiences in the city of Florence. From an evening food tour to a visit to the Uffizi Gallery, The Roman Guy will curate an outstanding Florence experience for you.

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the splendor of the Vatican Museums under the stars. Our Vatican evening tour gives you VIP access to the Vatican Museums’ extensive collection of Italian art after hours. Experience the collections of the Vatican Museums away from the crowds and in a new light.

Take A Vatican Evening Tour

Are you looking for fun and unique experiences in Rome? How about touring the Vatican at night? See a different side of the Vatican Museums without the large crowds. If you’re not a morning person or just prefer quiet, this is the best Vatican tour for you.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. Vatican evening tour, Rome, Italy

Night Tour of Vatican Museums

Skip the line and take a journey through Renaissance art history with your expert Vatican guide. Walk through the Pinecone Courtyard and see great works of art as well as a fantastic view of St. Peter’s Basilica. View sculptures passed down from the Ancient Romans in the Pio-Clementine Collection. Venture through the Candelabra Gallery, Gallery of Tapestries and Gallery of the Maps as your guide tells the stories of the history behind these art collections.

The School of Athens by Raphael

Raphael was one of Rome’s most famous Renaissance artists. The quintessential Renaissance man, he designed and frescoed multiple rooms connected to the Vatican Museums. Visit one of Raphael’s most iconic works, The School of Athens. Learn about the complexities of this famous Renaissance fresco located in the former Papal Palace.

The Sistine Chapel at Night

Your Vatican evening tour will conclude with a visit to the immaculate Sistine Chapel. Upon entering, you’ll see the iconic elaborate ceiling frescoes painted by Michelangelo. These works of Renaissance art reflect the care and precision taken by Michelangelo in spending four years painting them while lying on his back.

We ask that all participants of this tour respect the Sistine Chapel’s no speaking policy as it is a place of worship. Your guide will tell you the story of the history of the Sistine Chapel, then furnish you with a handout detailing the attraction prior to entering. All visitors to the Sistine Chapel must have their knees and shoulders covered prior to entering. We recommend bringing a shawl or cardigan to cover yourself with during Rome’s hot summer months.

Take Your Time and Explore the Collections

At the conclusion of your Vatican evening tour, feel free to take time to further explore the Vatican Museums. The museums will remain open for another two hours after this tour concludes. Revisit some of the works from earlier in the tour or bask in the Vatican Museums’ glorious surroundings.

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Visit an ancient underground church, the Christian Catacombs of Domitilla and a 2nd century Pagan temple on our Rome Catacombs Tour. This is the perfect way to experience Rome off the beaten path.

Do you want to visit the best Roman Catacombs on your trip to Rome? You’ll descend beneath the Eternal City’s well-traveled streets and visit an ancient underground church, the Christian Catacombs of Domitilla and a Pagan temple. Did you know that approximately 95% of visitors to Rome don’t see the Roman Catacombs? Most visitors choose Vatican and Colosseum tours but skip the Catacombs. Experience the Eternal City’s hidden landmark on our Rome Catacombs Tour.

Please note: Because the sites on this small group tour are religious, all visitors must cover their knees and shoulders at all times. This dress code is strictly enforced. We know that Rome gets hot during the summer months, please consider bringing a shawl/scarf/sweater for covering. As part of the Rome Catacombs tour is underground, the temperatures will drop.

The Basilica of San Clemente

Dedicated to Pope Clement I, the Basilica of San Clemente is one of Rome’s most amazing archaeological attractions. The Basilica of San Clemente was one of Rome’s first churches. The church and its layers record the history of Christianity in Rome from its beginning through the Middle Ages. This 12th-century Basilica is built over an extraordinarily well-preserved 4th-century church. Beautiful frescoes depicting New Testament scenes adorn the Basilica of San Clemente.

Domitilla Catacombs – The Best Catacombs in Rome

The Christian Catacombs of Domitilla form an underground maze of tunnels that date back to Rome’s early Christian history. Created in the 2nd century in response to Rome’s lack of space for burying the dead, the catacombs are located 15 minutes outside of Rome. The Domitilla Catacombs contain the remains of about 150,000 corpses. These are Rome’s oldest and most extensive catacombs. 

The Domitilla Catacombs are also home to numerous Ancient Roman artifacts, including a 2nd-century fresco of The Last Supper. Hidden deep underground, this site provides a well-needed break from the scorching sun during Rome’s summer months.

The Appian Way and Aurelian Walls

The 3rd century Roman Emperor Aurelian built a defensive wall around Rome to protect the city from invading barbarians. We’ll take you to see the Aurelian Walls up close in a climate-controlled luxury vehicle. In addition, you’ll walk a small stretch of the Ancient Appian Way. The Appian Way is one of Ancient Rome’s most important roads, connecting Rome to Puglia in Southern Italy. Spartacus’ army of 6,000 slaves was crucified on this road at the end of the Third Servile War.

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This five-hour detailed Vatican tour features skip the line tickets, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pinacoteca and Papal Tombs. Make the most of your time in Vatican City with our Vatican in a Day tour.

Whether you’re an art history nerd or history buff, experience the Vatican Museums as in-depth as possible. With our Detailed Itinerary Vatican Tour, you’ll skip the regular entrance line* and visit the Vatican’s best highlights and hidden gems. Learn the most fascinating stories about the Vatican City State, the popes and the collections housed at the Vatican Museums.

*Some delays at the security check may occur during June and July, our busiest months. We have a team of experts on-site at the Vatican every morning to help our groups avoid delays as much as possible.

Michelangelo’s Masterpiece – The Sistine Chapel

Begin this in-depth Vatican tour with a visit to the Sistine Chapel before it’s open to the general public. Experience Michelangelo’s masterpiece as it was meant to be. The home of the Papal Conclave of the Catholic Church, the election of new popes takes place in the Sistine Chapel.

As the Sistine Chapel is a place of worship, visitors are not permitted to speak once inside. Since our guide cannot explain the frescoes while you are inside, we explain the Chapel beforehand and provide you with a map/handout for reference before you enter. Men and women must cover their knees and shoulders before entering. Since the summers in Rome tend to hot, a good alternative is to bring a scarf or shawl to cover up with before you enter.

The Vatican Pinacoteca

The Pinacoteca, also known as the Vatican Art Gallery, contains a series of rooms divided by art school and in chronological order. It is home to some of the Vatican’s most impressive paintings. See a total of 460 works of art painted by the likes of Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian and Leonardo up close. Often overlooked on other Vatican Tours, the Pinacoteca (Picture Gallery) is one of the Vatican Museums’ more modern sections.

The Carriage Pavilion

The Carriage Pavilion, another hidden gem of the Vatican, is rarely visited by Vatican tours. This underground exhibit features an impressive collection of historic vehicles used by past Popes, including a Fiat Campagnola. This Fiat is known around the world as the vehicle Pope John Paul II stood on during his attempted assassination at St. Peter’s Square in 1981. The collection also features three Popemobiles and the Renault 4 donated to Pope Francis in 2013.

Laocoön and His Sons

Next, you’ll visit the Bramante Courtyard (designed by Bramante Lazzari), home to the Laocoön and His Sons, Apollo Belvedere and the Belvedere Torso. Learn about the myths and legends associated with these iconic statues. 

The Awe-Inspiring Vatican Museums

Explore the Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Tapestries and our personal favorite, the Gallery of the Maps. The Gallery of Maps features 40 giant meticulously-drawn maps, measuring more than 15 by 16 feet commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII.

St. Peter’s Basilica and the Papal Tombs

Except on Wednesdays

Skip the lines and enter St. Peter’s Basilica through a special door and see the world’s most opulent church. Marvel at the Basilica’s celebrated artwork including the Baldacchino, La Pieta, St. Peter’s Statue and more. Then go underneath the church’s floors to visit the tombs of hundreds of Popes and a Swedish Queen who converted to Roman Catholicism. Please note: if your Vatican tour lands on a Wednesday, St. Peter’s is not open for tours. This is because Papal Mass occurs on Wednesday mornings.

Important: If you want to spend more time inside the Vatican Museums, you must forgo the guided tour of St. Peter’s Basilica. Also, if you’d like to stay in St. Peter’s Basilica longer, don’t leave with the guide to take photos in the piazza. Because the security line is long and re-entry on your own is not recommended, we suggest you stay inside St. Peter’s and explore on your own after the tour concludes.

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One of our most top-selling tours, this exclusive Colosseum underground and top levels tour includes all of the monument’s restricted areas. See the Colosseum’s Underground, arena floor, and the top levels.

You’ll have top-to-bottom access to the Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor, lower levels and the recently-reopened top levels. Access all of the Colosseum’s restricted areas and see 2,000 years of history up close. This Colosseum underground and top levels tour features a guided exploration of the Roman Forum.

Please note: In order to end the tour inside the Colosseum, and allow for time to explore the monument afterward, we begin with a guided tour of the Roman Forum.

Downtown Ancient Rome

Have you ever wondered what the Roman Forum was? Now see it for yourself! The Forum’s sprawling ruins are what once was “downtown” Ancient Rome. Developed in the 7th century, this district served as the Roman Empire’s commercial and political hub. You won’t need to wait in line to get in with us, because you’ll skip the line and head right inside with your expert guide. See the Roman Forum’s many attractions like the Temple of Antoninus, the Temple of Julius Caesar, and the Arch of Titus and Faustina.

The Colosseum Underground and Dungeons

Beneath the Arena Floor’s violent pageantry was the Colosseum Underground. This dark staging area, known as the “Hypogeum” was where gladiators and wild beasts were held prior to fighting.

You’ll see the Colosseum Underground’s re-created lift, which demonstrates how gladiators and animals were transported to the Arena Floor. If seeing the Eternal City’s dark side appeals to you, be sure to visit the Colosseum Underground.

A Gladiator’s Entrance through the Gate of Death

Experience what Ancient Rome’s gladiators did when moving from the Colosseum Underground to the reconstructed Arena Floor through the Porto Libitinaria. Nicknamed the “Gate of Death”, this is where deceased competitors were removed from the amphitheater. Up to 60,000 ancient Romans witnessed the gladiatorial matches that took place on the Arena Floor. As you stand inside the arena, imagine the adrenaline rush that the screams of 60,000 spectators would bring.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Levels

After visiting the Roman Colosseum’s general access area, you’ll pass through a special locked gate and ascend to the restricted top tiers. You’ll see the marvelous views of the Forum and the Colosseum from what once were Ancient Rome’s “nosebleed seats.” 

Everyone standing in the general access areas will wonder how you got to the top. Nowhere else in the Colosseum can you experience such a jaw-dropping view. Once there, you’ll take great pictures and learn about Ancient Rome’s social structure in relation to the Colosseum’s seating practices.

Bread and Circuses

Despite the seating arrangement according to wealth and status, the Colosseum was for everyone. The phrase “bread and circuses” refers to a practice used by emperors to prevented Roman citizens from revolting. This phrase was built on the philosophy that a well-fed populace with free access to entertainment is less likely to revolt against its rulers. You’ll learn more about this and other nuances of Ancient Roman society with our Colosseum Underground and top levels tour.

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This Paris Catacombs tour will allow you to explore the darkness beneath the City of Light. With skip the line tickets, let your guide enlighten you with the mystical folklore surrounding the Catacombs.

Travel underneath the ground of central Paris into this eerie burial site home to remains of more than six million bodies. This tour offers skip the line tickets and a maximum group size of 16 people. Your guide will shed light on some of the darkest stories and mysticism surrounding the Catacombs.

Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tickets

Lines to visit the Paris Catacombs can sometimes last up to three hours. With skip the line tickets, your guide will lead you right in without the wait. Then, enter the channel of underground tunnels that make up that Catacombs.

The Gateway to Hell

As you enter the Catacombs, you’ll notice a sign that reads “Barrière d’Enfer” meaning “The Gates of Hell.” Once inside, descend a long staircase with your guide and eventually reach the World’s Largest Grave. Your guide will then explain why the Catacombs were created and what kinds of issues the city would face when figuring out how to bury the dead.

Paris Catacombs History

During the 17th century, Paris encountered a major issue. The cemeteries in Paris were overflowing and there wasn’t any more room to bury the dead. Luckily, there was already a system of underground tunnels beneath the city that had been built during the 13th century that would be suitable for this purpose. Pretty soon, these ossuaries became cemetery space.

Catacombs Artwork

Explore the labyrinth of underground channels as your guide recounts the many myths and legends that surround the Catacombs. Explore artworks and symbols on the walls, dating back centuries ago. On the way, you will see tens of thousands of bones waiting to be explored. These bones have been arranged by artists and architects to make the space “livable” and visually appealing.

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Trace the footsteps of gladiators as you walk across the newly constructed Colosseum Arena Floor. This tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum includes skip the lines tickets and access to restricted areas.

On this Arena Floor tour, enter the ancient Roman amphitheater using the very entrance that gladiators used before matches. Step out onto the newly reconstructed Arena Floor and see charming ancient structure surrounding you, creating the perfect photo opportunity. Then explore the Roman Forum, an ancient Roman archaeological site. While this tour does include access to the Arena Floor, it does not include access to the Colosseum underground or fifth level. This 2.5 hour long tour includes:

-A professional English speaking guide

-Skip the line Colosseum tickets

-Guided tour of the Roman Forum

-A maximum group size of 15

Colosseum Arena Floor Tickets

Enter the Colosseum through a special door restricted from public access. Walk through the “Death Gate” and right onto the Colosseum Arena Floor, where gladiators fought in ancient times. Meanwhile, catch a glimpse of the beautiful Roman amphitheater surrounding you, where 60,000 screaming spectators would watch champions fight their opponents to the death. From here, you can even see the names of Roman nobles carved into some of the seats right atop the Arena Floor. Get your cameras ready, this view makes for the perfect picture.

Roman Colosseum History

After experiencing the exclusive Arena Floor, climb to the first and second tiers of the Colosseum. See where Rome’s wealthiest citizens sat to watch the gladiator games. Your guide will explain the rules of gladiator matches, as well as how this glorious structure got the name “Colosseum.” Conclude your 1.5 hours inside of the Colosseum and head over to the Roman Forum.

Guided Roman Forum Tour

Included in the price of this tour are tickets to see and explore the ancient Roman Forum. A brief two minute walk from the Colosseum, your guide will escort you into the ancient archaeological site and begin explaining its significance in ancient Rome. One the location of downtown Rome, this site is often referred to as the “Ancient City.” Explore a plethora of ancient Roman buildings, including the Senate House, Temple of Julius Caesar and Arch of Titus. Once your tour concludes, feel free to explore the Forum on your own. Climb Palatine Hill, relax in the Farnese Gardens, or simply just take in the beautiful views.

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